Adobe Illustrator Refresh

With Screen Printing coming up the necessity to understand the workings of one of Graphics most used softwares is a must. Students will be spending time refreshing themselves on the tools and workings of this software. Student will create a series of tasks growing in complexity before mastery is achieved. Advertisements


Now that students have learned the detail of typography and the expression of graffiti is is not time to combine the two into Lettering. Lettering is using both of these skills to express the message. No pictures just words will win the day on this project.


After learning the details of designing a typeface the students will now use these skills and learn how to explore the limits of a letter form.

Type Design

Students will learn the attention to detail involved in typeface design. They will each design their own unique typeface using their name.

Graphic Design and Production Syllubus

Department:  CTAE                                                                                                 Fall Semester 2016 COURSE TITLE: GRAPHIC DESIGN AND PRODUCTION           INSTRUCTOR: Jason Ryals EMAIL:                                                        PHONE: 770-819-2521 CLASSROOM BLOG: SCHOOL WEBSITE: PHS SCHOOL VISION: Empowering Students to Become Productive Members of a Global Community PHS SCHOOL MISSION: Modeling and Developing Intellectual, Physical and Emotional Behaviors that Lead to Success for All…


Students are going to explore the vast world of Copyright. They will be trying to create anti counterfeit bills using their research. What are we doing? Students are to design a dollar bill in hopes from preventing the teach from reproducing it. How will the prove it? Students are instructed to design and use security…

Professional Growth Fridays

Each Friday we focus on an area of personal growth for the students to focus on. Following guidance from Simon Sinek (Start with Why) and Brain Cain (Peak Performance) students participate in activities to make them think about themselves and where they want to be. What will they learn? Purpose – How to begin to…

Safety in the Classroom

This is our single most important lesson of the year. SAFETY. Students will go through a series of exercises learning the different organizations involved in safety, classroom safety, safety procedures, learning what MSDS sheets are, as well as computer safety. What will they learn? They will be learning that safety is the number 1 priority…

How far is to Far

Student will be introduced to measurement and reading a ruler. What will they learn? The technique of reading a ruler and reducing fractions. How will they prove it? After several practice attempts the students will take a quiz challenging their new found skill.

Lets Play with Pulp

Paper Making Students will be introduced to the basics of making paper. They will explore through the process while learning what to do, and what not to do, using recycled materials. Students will make their own piece of paper! What students learn in this project: How to make your own mold and deckle. How to create paper pulp. How…

Welcome Back

Dear Parents and Students,

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jason Ryals and I am looking forward to being your child’s Graphic Design and Production and Adv. Graphic Design instructor for this upcoming year.

Project 1: Me, Myself, and I

You now know everything about me so in return I want to know everything about you. Using whatever means necessary create a poster describing yourself. Anything goes. Show me what you can do.