Welcome Back

Dear Parents and Students,

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jason Ryals and I am looking forward to being your child’s Graphic Design and Production and Adv. Graphic Design instructor for this upcoming year.

I was first introduced to Graphic Design my senior year at McEachern High School while searching for a class to take because the administration would not allow me to take 4 PE’s. I instantly fell in love with it and turned down a Full Scholarship in Wrestling in exchange for a smaller one in Baseball at Savannah College of Art and Design. Finishing at the top of my class and having a thirst for more I pursued my growth in New York City where I obtained a Masters at the Pratt Institute and was blessed to be taught and work along side some of the greatest designers the world has to offer while working on projects for companies like the PGA, New York Times, and many others.

I eventually returned home to get married and have two beautiful children (Charlotte 5 and Samson 3) and was asked 8 years ago by the same teacher that got my passion started to share what I have learned. I agreed and since then I have had many students who went off and obtained careers in the field and even a few that have started their own companies in (screen printing, graphic design, and murals). I have also been blessed to aid in the participation in my student SkillsUSA competitions, having 9 placers in state, 3 national invitees, and 1 National Champion in Screen Printing. I will also be assisting with the baseball team. I have been training elite ball players for 7 years now, producing 23 NCAA players while working closely with current college and pro players.

I will be teaching Graphic Design and Production (2nd Year) and Advance Graphic Design (3rd Years) for the upcoming fall and spring semesters. The nature of these courses is one that introduces and develops interests in Graphic arts and Graphic communication. The students will explore branding, typography, screen printing, and paper making and binding. Clearly, the composition and design of this course is one that fosters a rather open curriculum that will give each student enough elbowroom to discover his/her own individual interests. Advance Graphic Design students will be displaying this concept the most., feeding off there passion and expression to prepare for their future pursuits.

The core curriculum of this course is strictly aligned with the state standards, which wants to promote a fundamental knowledge in the discipline of visual arts and production. It is my hope that by the years end, the students will be armed with the fundamental knowledge and be active participants in a learning environment which fosters enhanced visual and creative communication skills. The curriculum is on founded in a continuous effort to advance the collaborative and creative problem solving skills of my students through the incorporation of lecture, self- instruction, and self-experimentation. Research has shown that a greater percentage of students learn and retain subject material when they actively partake in the curriculum. Consequently, the curriculum for this course will mirror this ideology by encouraging students to explore and experiment into what they are learning.

I hope to create a comfortable, nurturing, and enjoyable environment for my students, one that facilitates learning and discipline. In order to do that a strict adherence to the classroom rules and procedures needs to be respected and upheld by both the teacher and student. Safety is the number one concern in lab activity and cannot be maintained if these are not followed. Consequently, it should be noted that all students are expected to come to class prepared and ready to learn.

At the start of the year/semester I will make available a syllabus, which contained the grading policy, classroom rules, and student goals for the course. In the case that you have not received this syllabus and would like a copy, feel free to contact at Jason.ryals@cobbk12.org Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. I look forward to the upcoming semester/ year and the opportunity to work with both you and your son or daughter.

Sincerely yours,

Jason Ryals

  1. When and where were you born? Jonesboro, LA 1980
  2. Who was the most influential person to you as a child? Mother and Father, only people to fully support to pursuits.
  3. Did you have any nicknames? Shrek
  4. What were you most afraid of as a child? Proving people right
  5. What was your favorite subject to study? History
  6. What was your favorite sport? Baseball
  7. Is there a teacher that you remember having been particularly influential? Alicia Baynes, McEachern Graphic Arts Teacher
  8. What did you like most about school?  Least? School in general was fun, being overly controlled
  9. What was your favorite music/band/dance. Not big into music. I’m a movie guy.
  10. What are your most memorable college moments? Baseball Road Trips
  11. Did you get a degree?  In what? Associates Pre-Press Technology, Bachelors Graphic Design, Master Communication Design
  12. If you could do it again, would you take a different academic path, or are you satisfied with the route you followed? I’d stay on the same route, choose a cheaper school
  13. What was your first job? Six Flags, took photos of people entering park
  14. In addition to being paid money, how else has your career created value in your life? In Everything, All Graphics Design is Creative Problem Solving. I use it everyday of the year.
  15. What would be your ideal job? College Baseball Coach
  16.  If you could meet any historical figure, of the past or present, who would it be and why? Martin Luther King Jr. He got 250,000 people to show up at Lincoln Memorial at 11:00 pm on a Saturday (made time up) with out internet or cell phones and zero violence, used purely word of mouth and then inspired everyone of them. Most amazing thing I have ever heard of.
  17. What accomplishment are you most proud of? Every time I prove someone wrong.
  18. How do you think people will remember you? As long as I was not a waste of space I’m good.
  19. What is your most embarrassing moment? I was at Omaha for the College World Series participating in a bat speed competition. The bat flew out of my hands, almost hitting my friend by inches and bounced around the store like a pinball.
  20. If you could possess one super-human power, what would it be? Fly
  21. What is your greatest hope? To be the best at what ever I do.
  22. What are the main lessons you’ve learned in life? If you do what everyone else does then you will lose like everyone else.
  23. Most hated word in dictionary? Try and Talent. Excuses for laziness

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